For our High-Ply Cutters "TexCut 3025/3055/3070/3080" KURIS can offer an automatic bristle cleaning

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Texcut 3055/3070/3080


Product Details


Bristle belt with cutting window 2,2 m or 3,5 m for optimal adaptation to the size of the parts and markers

Excellent cutting quality also for notches and difficult contours and hard materials by automatic compensation of the knife deflection
(option: Smart Knife)

High cutting speed guarantees high, effective performance even when cutting single layers

Reduced energy consumption because of economic vacuum unit, vacuum performance optimally adjustable (option)

Very simple operation by operator-friendly instruction via PC

Service-friendly by standardised components and low maintenance

Simplified software maintenance and remote control via modem (standard)

Extensive registration of operating data and individual evaluation by customer

Fast and comfortable change of knife and cutting head due to patent service position

Automatic marker correction by alignment control of the layer package no further manual adjustment necessary

Automatic plausibility check avoids miscuts because of misoperation

Technical data TEXCUT 
Max cutting high (compressed) 80 mm 70 mm 55 mm
Max working width
1,93 / 2,13 / 2,23 m
(Further widths upon request)
Total width of the base
2,25 / 2,45 / 2,55 m
Total length of the base
3,20 m or 4,50 m
Effective cutting length
2,20 m or 3,50 m
Length of the clearing belt
2,50 m or 3,30 m
Total width of the clearing belt
2,10 / 2,30 / 2,40 m
Total length of the cutter
5,70 m e 7,80 m


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