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For our High-Ply Cutters "TexCut 3025/3055/3070/3080" KURIS can offer an automatic bristle cleaning

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Fabric roll loading, storing- and changing systems
Cutting Unit


The cutting unit is tailor-made in width according to the customers demand. It is mainly suited for spreading of short layers. The cutting is possible in both directions. The grinding device is integrated

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Crosscutter Manual

- cutting unit with vertical lifting
- cloth rail holding with fast adjustment
- cutting device alternatively for BOM 30 S or BOM 101 S
- mechanical layer counter

Fabric widths : optional
standard table widths : 1,85 / 2,00 / 2,15 m
min. table widths required : ca. 1,75 / 1,90 / 2,05 m
max. table widths : optional
spreading height : up to 200 mm
power requirement/consumption : 0,7 kW, 220 V, 50 Hz alternating current


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Crosscutter Automatic


- electrical automatic cutting unit with direct cutter drive (no transmission) and very high cutter speed
- two cutting speeds
- clean cutting, even with critical materials
- electrical lifting of the cutting unit with electronic lifting height adjustment
- electronically adjustable limits for the cutting movement according to different material widths
- electrical layer counter
- easy raising of the rail holding the cloth by releasing the weight
- fast adjustment of the cloth rail for simple alteration of layer length
- precise, right-angled lifting of cutting unit and doth rail
- only one operator is needed according to fabric width
- simple operation using buttons
- excellent working quality avoids damage to the material
- Model according to VDE and UW regulations
- short assembly time
- cutting device with manual lifting
- cutting machine BOM 30 SL and BOM 101 S in a profile rail
- stop device

fabric widths : up to 1,68 / 1,83 / 1,98 m
standard table widths 1,85 / 2,00 / 2,15 m
min. table widths required : ca. 1,75 / 1,90 / 2,05 m
max. table widths : optional
spreading height : up to 200 mm
power requirement/consumption : 0,7 kW, 220 V, 50 Hz alternating current


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The moving end-catcher ensures that the layer group can be arrested cleanly and securely. With Zig-Zag folds it is combined with a stationary end-catcher


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Kuris TDS    

KURIS TDS is a computer-controlled interactive system for troubleshooting fabric faults within the lay.
Basic Hard and Software with the following advantages:

- Fabric savings by automatically minimising the waste from fabric flaws
- Better fabric usage efficiency possible as no splice points are necessary when making the marker
- No cut-out of flaws located in the waste or in the seam area
- Patching of defective single parts instead of complete cut-out possible
- Faulty single parts (e.g. inner pockets) can be tolerated
- Statistical flaw evaluation protocol for each spreading order shown at the monitor
- The necessary calculations are effected by the system; thus it is guaranteed that the fabric waste is always minimised. The operator just has to decide whether to cut out or not

Time savings by:
- fast computer calculation instead of searching manually for splice points
- elimination of marking tables with splice points
- operating menu at the spreading table
- help function at any operating point
Functions of the Software:
- Reading of markers from 3 1/2- discs (format: "ISO File")
- Directory with cursor selection
- Combining of several markers for one spreading order up to 50m length.
- 3 flaw types selectable
- transfer of the flaw into the marker on the monitor
- indication if the flaw is in the waste
- Automatic minimising of the waste
- Zoom function, up to 1:1
- Measuring and indication of the distance of the flaw of the defective part
- Generation of the final protocol for each spreading order including time, quantity of flaws, fabric waste and statistical evaluation of the flaw to the border
Full compatibility with cutting pattern systems used by Gerber, Lectra, Investronica. Micro-Dynamics, Assyst, Cuttex, AVM Eurolog and NNT (more on request)

Hardware Configuration
- Industrial AT-PC
- Floppy disc drive 3 1/2"
- 720 Kb/I .44 MB
- colour monitor with VGA graphics
- Operated by push button
- X-Y co-ordinates encoder with laser light point
Purchase price excludes Retrofit to a machine other than Kuris (exact dimensions required on order placement)
TDS = Textile Defect System


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Lift 350C    

Electrically operated 2 level roll on platform lift. For use with Shuttle II C cradle machine

Technische Daten
Fabric roll weight : max. 350 kg
Total height : 2,50 m
Fabric width : 1,68 - 2,30 m
Power requirements/consumption : 1,1 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz, alternating current
(other voltages on request)


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Texload 1200    
  TexLoad 1200 makes the loading of the spreading machine with a bar easier and more economic.

Two versions are available:
- Fixed on the spreading table
- Fixed behind the spreading table

Technical Data
Fabric roll weight : max. 120 kg
Fabric roll diameter : max. 600 mm
Total height : 2,28 m
Fabric width : 168 - 230 cm
Power requirements/consumption : 1,1 / 2,2 kW according to model, 230 / 400 V, 50 Hz, three-phase current
(other voltages on request)

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Roll Cadle

Roll cradle for exemplary winding-off quality

With the Model 900/910 roll module there is no need for fabric bars to be inserted in the material rolls or for cones to be locked in place. The fabric rolls are guided optimally by adjustable lateral stops at each side. The unrolling rollers and the deflection roller all run on roller bearings and are thus particularly smooth-running. The maximum fabric roll diameter for the standard version is 50 cm. To ensure unrolling takes place with absolutely no tension on the fabric, Model 910 roll cradle is equipped with a motor drive and a compensating roller control unit (see illustration). This ensures that work is not only made much easier but productivity is also increased.


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Unroll Cradle    

The unrolling cradle is available for either manual or electrical lowering of the cradle. Spreading is tension free due to the belt drive.
Materials can be loaded with ease. The unrolling cradle is designed to handle fabric rolls up to 400 mm, and optionally up to 600 mm in diameter.


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