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For our High-Ply Cutters "TexCut 3025/3055/3070/3080" KURIS can offer an automatic bristle cleaning

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Power shears

Our Power Cutting Shear The ideal solution to a great many cutting problems, especially when ARAMIDE (i.e. KEVLAR and TWARON ), DYNEEMA , GLASS- and CARBON FIBER FABRICS are involved.
  Shear Foot Type A For use with extremely tough materials. Also suitable for cutting sheet metal, thick pasteboard, thin wire screen fabrics as well as cured composite fiber materials.




  Shear Foot Type B
Shear Foot Type B (coated) For use with ARAMIDE (i.e. KEVLAR and TWARON ), DYNEEMA , glass- and carbon fiber fabrics. A special-formula coating provides for unproblematic cutting of GLASS FIBER mats as well as of thick layers of ARAMIDE and DYNEEMA fabrics. Shear Foot Type B (uncoated) Especially suitable for use with thick upholstery cloth, tent canvas, sailcloth, coconut matting, coarse fabric types, etc

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