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SWISSORS is a Swiss-made tool, featuring technology not seen before in scissors – more uniform blade pressure throughout the cut and replaceable, titanium nitride-coated blades. SWISSORS upper blade moves, while the lower blade rests flat on the user’s work surface. Cuts are long since blade pressure remains nearly constant from blade base to tip.

SWISSORS ergonomic design reduces required hand pressure from 50 to 75 percent versus conventional scissors. SWISSORS replaceable blade inserts enable users to continue their job with a simple blade change without purchasing new scissors or incurring downtime for sharpening.

SWISSORS blade inserts are available in two varieties: plain-edge for most fabrics and materials, and micro serrated for slippery (silk, polyester) or high performance synthetic materials (Kevlar ®, Spectra ®, fiberglass and carbon).

SWISSORS easily installed blade inserts are held in place by a single screw.

SWISSORS unique functionality has won acclaim and design competition awards in both Switzerland and Japan. The award-winning tool is manufactured by Wenger Cutlery Works SA, manufacturers of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife, and is sold throughout North America by Precisionswiss®


SWISSORS utilize a four-bar linkage mechanism and striking cantilevered design, built around four precision needle bearings. The design affords the user ultra-smooth leverage, requiring 50% to 70% less peak hand pressure to operate than conventional shears. This may reduce the risks of repetitive motion injuries. SWISSORS blades are made from the world's finest, high tech materials: a high-grade, rust-resistant, hardened Swedish steel, coated with Titanium Nitride (TiN). The Titanium Nitride coating provides a much harder edge than plain steel, and wear resistance that is ten to twenty times greater. SWISSORS bottom blade does not move, enabling tool to rest flat against the user's work surface. Only the upper blade moves. This is a huge advantage for those who are cutting fabric, leather, molded compounds, reinforced plastics and thin metals. SWISSORS design provides the user with nearly uniform blade pressure throughout the cut. Cutting pressure at the end / tip of the blades is approximately the same as that found at the beginning / base of the blade, providing the user with a longer usable cut. SWISSORS blade inserts are replaceable, a distinct advantage in a high-demand or high-wear environment. A single screw holds each blade in place. SWISSORS blade inserts are available in two types. Plain edge is well-suited to general purpose cutting with a broad variety of materials. Super serrated blade inserts are better-suited for slippery materials, such as silk and polyester, as well as Kevlar, Fiber Glass, Carbon and other high performance technical fibers. Both blade types are easily installed by the user. SWISSORS blade-to-blade pressure is easily modified by the user through a single set-screw adjustment. SWISSORS offer a handsome, striking new design, having won design awards in Europe and Japan. SWISSORS are manufactured in Switzerland by the renowned Wenger Cutlery Works SA, one of the two manufacturers of Swiss Army Knife. SWISSORS are made from the finest materials available, and designed for demanding, precision cutting and long product life. Cutting Edge Technologies AG, our Swiss partner, has made NO compromises when selecting materials and component vendors for this product.


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