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For our High-Ply Cutters "TexCut 3025/3055/3070/3080" KURIS can offer an automatic bristle cleaning

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Texinspect S

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The TexInspect S is a combined coupon cut and Umwickelmaschine, material roles can very fast and exactly be taped and coupons cut. The TexInspect S is equipped according to standard with: - Unreeling hollow on table height - Verschleissfeste desk top - Electrical cutting off machine - Foot switches over the whole machine width - Digital measuring system with LED display - Fast rolling up system with 3 propelled AufwickelwalzenDie machine, compactly built and easily operated, is available in the standard design for material widths of 180 cm and a maximum role diameter of 40 cm. Options for TexInspect S: - Lighting in the table to the error control - Propelled unreeling hollow to the synchronous Zurückwickeln - In addition programmable Zähler Die TexInspect S coupon cutter is built individually after customer's request.

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