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For our High-Ply Cutters "TexCut 3025/3055/3070/3080" KURIS can offer an automatic bristle cleaning

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ROBUSO of Solingen, Germany
The Specialists for master-crafted Quality Shears and Scissors


Tailor's Hand Shears ROBUSO-ELASTIC Tailor's Hand Shears Dressmaker's Hand Shears Shears and Scissors for Left-Handers Shears and Scissors for use with high-tech textiles such as ARAMIDE (i.e. KEVLAR ® and TWARON®), DYNEEMA®, glass- and carbon fiber fabrics Pinking and Scalloping Scissors Sewing and Weaver's Scissors Thread Snippers Embroidering Scissors Pocket Scissors Fabric Scissors Electro-powered Shears for use with natural, synthetic and high-tech fabrics Heat-Cutting Equipment Items Shear/Scissor Grinding Machines .


Events & Production

JEC Composite Show
Paris Expo

Porte de Versaille
March 28th to 30th, 2006
hall 1

Support, Utrecht/NL

19. bis 22. 04. 2006
Stand Nr. 07. E060

IMB Köln

10. bis 13. 05.2006
hall 8, floor A, No. 051




ROBUSO Elastic the tailor's hand and cut-out shears with built-in "power steering" feature . . . . . . simply because they virtually glide through the material. Ideal for use with plain synthetic materials. The leaf spring between the blades provides for permanent non - fatiguing "easy-go" handling. The micro-serrated edge of one blade prevents uncontrolled slipping when working with plain fabrics. Efficient rust protection inside and out, i.e. blade outer surfaces nickel-plated, with extra chrome-plating on all surfaces. Handles with black/gold japanese lacquer finish.

Power shears

Our Power Cutting Shear The ideal solution to a great many cutting problems, especially when ARAMIDE (i.e. KEVLAR ® and TWARON ®), DYNEEMA ®, GLASS- and CARBON FIBER FABRICS are involved.

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